We all are familiar with that every Muslim dreams for performing Umrah because it belongs to our religious and spiritual sentiments. Every Muslim wants to visit the House of ALLAH Almighty where they can apologize for their past committed sins and ask ALLAH Almighty to forgive them for whatever they have done in their lives and also travels there with bundle of wishes with this faith that their all wishes and prayers will be fulfilled and it becomes actuality with a strong imaan (faith). Performing Umrah is a major dream for all Muslims so that they can be allow to enter the paradise (jannat) or else they will be punish for their sins and send to the hell (dozakh) for a huge punishment. This is the reason why it becomes Muslims dream for performing Umrah.

Umrah is well-known as the second most sacred Muslim worship (ibadah) after hajj, which is not obligatory, but recognized as Sunnat-e-Muwaqada, for the reason that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed this. This is why millions of Muslim every month visits the holy land of Holy Kaaba in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah as a ritual made by the beloved Prophet (PBUH). Umrah unlike the Hajj can be carried out at any time throughout the whole year; it’s up to the consent of the pilgrims when they desire to go. The Muslims feel they are spiritually purred after performing all the rituals of Umrah, as this is the sacred act of worship and ALLAH Almighty is the greatest and creator of this entire universe and mankind and each and every thing we feel, see, hear, touch or taste.

Moreover, Umrah also provide an opportunity to pilgrims to ask pardon for their sins that they had done in the past life and to guarantee not to carry out them again in the remaining lifetime in front of the ALLAH Almighty. So, Muslims go to perform this holy worship (ibadah) of umrah in Saudi Arabia from all parts of the globe from different Muslim countries, as well as from non Muslim countries too, where they reside.

Muslims, who are living a wealthy life in developed countries, book 3 star Umrah Packages 2016 to perform this sacred worship.

But, the difficulty lies here for huge Muslim population that are living in under-developed or developing countries like Pakistan, where the low-income masses who effort to go for umrah – due to their high cost. Thus, for this holy worship meant for spiritual cleanliness these people most of the times have to wait for several years by gathering money to perform umrah. On the other hand, stay in the search for some kind of unexpected monetary resource to come their way to be capable to go for performing umrah.

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