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Discounted Group Umrah Packages

3* Umrah Group
10 nights £270
Nights In Makkah: 5
Nights In Madinah: 5
4 Star Group Package
10 nights £312
Nights In Makkah: 5
Nights In Madinah: 5
5 Star Group Deal
10 nights £1136
Nights In Makkah: 5
Nights In Madinah: 5
Economical Group Umrah
12 Nights £795
Nights In Makkah: 6
Nights In Madinah: 6

Family or Group Umrah Packages

To earn virtues, goodness and blessings of ALLAH Almighty, Muslims perform Umrah throughout the whole year mostly in the form of groups or with their families. They perform each obligation with huge desire, love, intensity and thankfulness to achieve the blessings of Umrah. Umrah is not only a religious journey towards the house of ALLAH Almighty, the Holy Kaaba but also in return Muslims earn lots of uncountable rewards, righteousness virtues and blessings of performing Umrah.

We have Quad, Triple and Double rooms available for groups and families as per their need and requirement. Also extra mattress and sofa type beds can be furnished upon request.
When planning to go for Umrah Pilgrimage towards Saudi Arabia to earn many blessings and perform each obligation of Umrah with easiness and comfort, Kaabah Tours has the most excellent family and Umrah group packages 2020 and many custom deals and offers as per your necessity.

Benefits of Booking Group Umrah Packages

While going to Umrah, it's always a good idea to invite your relatives, friends, colleagues and other known people to go with you. There are several benefits of booking group Umrah packages. It is always better to be in a group rather than being alone especially if you are going on a long journey. Although a lot of people perform Umrah alone every year, if you manage to form a group for your Umrah trip, there will be several benefits you will get. A few benefits of performing Umrah with a group are highlighted below.

Following More Teachings of Islam

Islam is a religion which promotes sociability. Also, Islam encourages religious gatherings in addition to inviting others towards the right path. If you are trying to perform Umrah in a group, you are actually inviting your friends and relatives towards the right path. Also, by doing this, you are strengthening your bond and relationship with other people and Islam emphasized a lot on developing good relationships with other people.

Get Cheaper Rates

One of the major benefits of booking group Umrah packages is that you are more likely to get cheaper rates for whole Umrah trip. Several Umrah services offer cheaper rates if you go for a group reservation and there are chances that you'll get an awesome personalized package if you to choose to go for a group reservation. While making a group reservation, you are obviously a lot more profitable for the Umrah service as compared to the individual making a reservation alone for him or herself. As a result, the Umrah service provider can easily offer you lesser rates because the company will still be earning a reasonable amount from your group reservation.

Enhanced Safety

Among other benefits of booking group, Umrah packages are that you will feel more secure and safe. Although it is a fact that the Umrah trip is considered to be an extremely safe trip even if you are traveling alone because of terrific arrangements and services offered by Saudi government and Umrah service providers. However, still, it is better to go to Umrah in a group rather than traveling alone. No doubt, you are safe while going for Umrah alone but surely, you will feel more secure if you are in a group.

Sharing Accommodations and Transportation

Another benefit of choosing a group Umrah package is that you can decide to share accommodations and transportation with other group members which will surely reduce the overall cost of performing Umrah for all the group members. Umrah service providers also offer various sharing options in group Umrah packages in order to reduce the cost and maximize the benefit.

Best Use of Vacations

One of the best uses of your vacations is to go for Umrah during the holidays. There are times when you and your friends especially your colleagues have vacations at the same time. This is the ideal time when all of you can plan to go for Umrah and because of being in a group; you can easily get a better deal regarding the Umrah package.