Women under the age of 45 can go on the sacred journey with their Mahram. There is no haram in joining the Hajj and Umrah tours with Mahram relation like father, father-in-law, brother who is over 18 years old, boy over 18 years old, uncle, uncle and grandfather.

It is forbidden for women who are under 45 years old by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia to participate in spiritual tours. The reason for this prohibition is generally proved by the following authentic hadiths;

According To the Narration of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) Said:

“A woman who believes in Allah and the day of the hereafter, will go on a journey that lasts three days or more without a father or son, or husband, or brother, it is not a lawful”.

Additionally, In another Hadith It Is Stated That:

“He forbade women to go to the two-day road without the husband or close relative of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)”.

Is It True That The Directorate Of Religious Affairs And The Special Agents Carry The Ladies Without A Mahram?

 Yes, it is true. The Presidency of Religious Affairs stated that the road route is completely safe and there is no haram that a group can go together with the woman who will go to the Hajj or Umrah”.

Also all the programs are accompanied by male instructors, the Directorate of Religious Affairs does not see any inconveniences for lone ladies under the age of 45 in Hajj and Umrah tours.

The Directorate of Religious Affairs does not charge an additional fee for this transaction, but private travel agents can also include pilgrims under the age of 45 under pilgrimage (between 100 and 200 Riyal) for pilgrimage and pilgrimage tours.

Although there is no obstacle in the way of processing the system, this is not a detailed knowledge of how the consulates of the passports will be easily recognized by the consular staff during the pilgrimage and how this situation is overcome. Most of the tourism agencies that have conducted the Presidency of Religious Affairs and special pilgrimage and Umrah tours offering this service to women who are under 45 years old without problems.

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