The rules of Islam is same for women like a male, whether you are planning to go for Umrah. Everything is necessary to consider like cloth, Islamic, physical, visa and Islamic requirements. However, it is included in their women’s first duty to know the procedure of Umrah and their basic steps. When you know correctly about the value of performing Umrah, you are free from sins. Many guidelines are available, it depends on you that what you consider before going to Umrah journey.

In Islam, women have the same rights just like male means to get the blessing of ALLAH and visit Khana Kaaba for the sake of ALLAH. There is no difference of performing Umrah for male and female instead of dressing and their security level.  The woman is considered as an important part of their family and a pillar of Islam. Here are some basic aspects of women while performing Umrah:

  • Ihram is specifically designed for male, meanwhile, women are not obliged to wear ihram. The order for women is to cover their full body, with the abaya.
  • After the Sa’y completions, it is considered as an important part to shave off the head, an only male ad for women, only cut the hair which is considered as their finger length. However, this process is to ensure that male and women have equal rights.
  • Those women who are passing with their menstrual cycles, they are obtained from performing Umrah because during Umrah women must be clean and pure.
  • The woman is obligated to perform Umrah with their Mehram only, without being accompanied by the Mehram, women strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.
  • With the help of any inconveniences, women are intended to perform Umrah. It means avoid luxury and other aspects when you are intended to perform Umrah.
  • Avoid any kind of Makeup as it is strictly permissible at the time of performing Umrah.
  • Women need permission in ever part of a journey like in where to go, dressing or eating activities.
  • Al-Raml and Al-ibhtebaa are not for women, it is only for females.
  • Only men said Taibeeyah loudly and women have to say in a lower voice.

The above are some different methods and techniques for women. Meanwhile, the methods of performing the Umrah are still the same for men and women. It is applicable for male and women to follow the rules first because Saudi government is strict while following their rules.

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