Saudi Arabia is commonly viewed as a desert nation with a hot, scorching and muggy atmosphere. Nobody appreciates winter in a desert as the temperature remains very high notwithstanding throughout the winter months. In any case, there are a few urban communities in the nation that experience cold winters and even snowfall. On the off chance that you want to encounter the snowfall, here are the spots to visit in Saudi Arabia during winter. A fascinating thing about these spots is that despite the fact that late spring is amazingly hot here, it gets extremely cold in winters.

  1. Turaif:

Situated at the northern outskirt of Saudi Arabia, Turaif is the coldest city in the nation with the most minimal temperature at any point recorded. The city recorded a temperature of -12 degrees, the least in Saudi Arabia and one of the most minimal in the Middle Eastern locale beating Amman’s – 10 degrees. Turaif is viewed as the coldest spot in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Sakaka:

Situated in the northern piece of the nation, Sakaka additionally encounters extraordinary winter with temperatures drifting at below zero dimensions. The astounding part about Sakaka is that despite the fact that tall mountains are not found in the district, the temperature remains very low during winter months.

  1. Rafha:

Lying near the Iraqi outskirt, Rafha is a standout amongst the loveliest and cold places in Saudi Arabia. The city gets overwhelming snowfall during winter which is the reason most expats and Saudi inhabitants like to visit this spot as opposed to traveling to another country to observe snow. The temperature can reach as high as 49 degree Celsius in summer while it snows in the winter.

  1. Tabuk:

Tabuk is another city in Saudi Arabia that encounters cold winter. At whatever point there is updates on snowfall in the nation, Tabuk is the spot that must be visited to observe snow. December and January are the winter a very long time in Saudi Arabia. A dainty layer of snow covers the sand after the snowfall and the temperature has been recorded to fall as low as – 4 degrees Celsius.

  1. Arar:

Established in the year 1951, Arar lies in the core of an immense rough limestone plain and encounters cool-moderate climate. The temperature once in a while falls beneath zero yet a dainty layer of snow covers the land in winter. Snowfall is very normal here. One can appreciate the incredible climate and witness snow on their visit.

  1. Ha’il:

Arranged at a rise of 950 meters, Ha’il appreciates wonderful climate consistently. It is to a great extent farming with date, wheat and natural product generation. The chronicled hugeness of the city lies in the discoveries of petroglyphs during archeological removal. Ha’il is one of coldest places in Saudi Arabia where it snows in the winter. The city has seen recorded temperatures of a bone-chilling – 10C.

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