For many of the peoples whose feelings rapidly turns fade once they return back to homes after performing Umrah, because the contrast between the sacred land where the Umrah is performed and the ordinary land of home surroundings is like day against night.

When a person is in Makkah for the performance of minor pilgrimage he or she is away from all responsibilities that a person has towards his or her family, relatives, home life and work etc, minor pilgrimage is like a person is at another galaxy, the world where which is free from evilness and negativities, everyone there is dedicated and geared towards worshipping ALLAH Almighty; a sacred place where there is no concept of any kind of boasting and advertising, music, videos and pictures smacking you at every hour on your face; a place where the person’s only concern is to do perform maximum acts of worships and ask forgiveness to ALLAH Almighty for all past committed sins.

But once a person arrives back to home, he quickly gets back into the worldly life and return to the atmosphere of evilness, hardship, world of sins and laziness. In spite of all the productive and wonderful gains from the effort of weeks that you have spent in Makkah as a guest of ALLAH Almighty, maintaining and continuing the spirituality high under worldly issues and circumstances seems hard, but it is not impossible. A person should have to know that the actual work of minor pilgrimage starts when he get back to home, the matters, circumstances and issues of regular life vanishes all the ambitious and creative and productive plans that you promised or made for living your rest of your life.

When a person reaches back to his home, he indulge in many life matters and in such circumstances, it is quite natural to lose hope, but a person should not forget the promise he did with himself and should lost in the lavishness of the world. But if a person lost immediately and forget the essence of umrah then such an approach would be not fair and incorrect, because with the strong intentions, sincere supplications and enthusiastic efforts, the essence of minor pilgrimage is likely to remain on a high and superior level.

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