Religion is something that is all about devotion and this devotion is of course never-ending. In order to reach those levels of spirituality with which only a few people are blessed may seem to be hard but are actually not. This has to be done by changing your heart and eventually your mind to gain divine blessings. The level can rise and fall by the time and this simply means that there are times when it is so high just for being specified by Allah (SWT). One of such times is the holy month of Ramadan and among the days of this month ‘Laylatul Qadr’ is most significant and it is surely the best night and is so in many ways.

It is the best for having a lot of rewards in it

It is a fact that there are a lot of rewards in this night and this is validated by the verses of the Holy Quran and Ahadith.  There is a complete Surah that tells us about the worth of this precious night. The rewards include the benefit of worshipping that is equal to that of a thousand months. Moreover, it also includes the compensation of sins and that one who asks for forgiveness will surely get answered. In addition to this, a person can get the goodness and all the blessings of this night.

It is the best for having a lot of religious importance

The religious importance of this night is understood as it has got a lot in that short period of time. One thing that really increases the significance of this sacred night is the fact that the Holy Quran was revealed in this night and this point is really worthy of notice among Muslims.

Untitled-4 Peace is till the debut of Dawn” (Q. 97).

It is a night with serenity and peace which keeps you close to Allah (SWT)

The environment and ambiance must be able to keep you focused when you are worshipping. Same is true for ‘Laylatul Qadr’. In this night you have to pray a lot and want to keep in close contact with Allah (SWT). The ambiance of this night is really serene and calm as to keep you concentrated.

The pleasure of doing worship on this special night

You are really very special if you get the opportunity to worship throughout this special night. In addition to it, you have the pleasurable experience of praying in such a wonderful night. This is something that everyone wants to achieve and can get only they struggle to get it. You have to pray to Allah (SWT) for finding this best night and get all the rewards of this sacred night.

Ending lines

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