All of us can relate the time of childhood when we too young to understand the things related to religious concepts. Performing Umrah and Hajj by the elders was taken as the utmost desire but the reason behind it was not that much clear. Likewise, performing this religious act in Ramadan was considered to be the most important and precious opportunity to avail. The reason is known when you grow up and then it seems to be the only reason for living. This is true that as a Muslim we have got some emotions that are above all the emotions. This is the force that makes us perform these sacred acts. We should know the advantages that we can get from performing this religious observance in the holy month of Ramadan.

Immense Reward

The reward of performing Umrah is immense but it is increased by several times when it is observed in the month of Ramadan. This concept is verified by Ahadith as well that the reward that you get is just enormous. This is the reason why people want to get the opportunity to come along for the month of Ramadan. This should not be considered that in other months the reward is not that much. The reward is just great in every month. This month is very sacred due to which it is considered as a preference.

Atonement For Sins

Another major advantage is that it provides you with the best opportunity to ask for forgiveness. This time is just the most important and invaluable for making atonement for the sins. It is the time when you go and bow yourself to Allah which is the best thing you can do to please Allah. This way you can pray whole-heartedly and ask for forgiveness. This is the best way and also the best time to make atonement.

Lesson Of Unity

Out of the countless advantages, this one is also very important and we learn the lesson of unity. Being busy in our lives makes us unable to get together and perform something with unity and harmony. This act of worship let us know that Muslim Ummah is united and everyone should be aware of this fact. This way the fact of completing this observance together let us know that the task performed together is much more acceptable and appropriate than the one performed alone. This concept should be applied to daily life.

Lesson Of Sympathy

When Umrah is performed in the month of Ramadan we get to know about the problems of others and this way we can feel for them. Completing two sacred acts at one time is the thing that is enough to please Allah. In Ramadan when the pilgrims are fasting and are looking at each others’ problems or worries and solve them together they are brought closer. This way performing Umrah in Ramadan will get us to know more about the pain and problems of others and thereby increases the feeling of sympathy for others.

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