Hajj and Umrah are performed with some certain actions and practices that are prescribed by Mohammad ﷺ. As we all know performing either hajj or Umrah it takes finances and many people starve and save money to go for a sacred journey but there is another thing needed other than money and that is energy to put efforts. Umrah or hajj both are not meant to be comforting or relaxing, the person has to gather all his energy and put effort to perform all the prescribed actions and practices of Umrah and Hajj which required a lot of struggle with equivalent energy.

Umrah also requires a lot of energy and effort and the pilgrims walks on his feet and circumambulate around the Kaabah seven times and then he walks towards the area where Sa’ee (ritual of Umrah) is performed and he walks between the hills of Safa & Marwah. All of this walk approximately results in about 15 kilometers of distance. We normally don’t even walk out of our car to with draw a cash or get a happy meal for lunch instead we use drive thrus. This shows that the Umrah requires a lot of patience, energy and of course a heartiest effort.

Hajj also features performing Umrah after completing the five-day schedule. The five-day schedule includes a night stay in Muzdalifah, Minna, a daylight stays in the ground of Arafat (which is known as the place where the Judgement day will be observed) and in the end the stone throwing event is observed where pilgrims throw 7 stones point at Jamrat. The story behind throwing stones is related to Prophet Ibrahim A.S when he left Mina and was brought down to al-Aqaba, the Satan appeared to him at Stone-Heap of the Defile. Angel Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so Prophet Ibrahim threw seven stones at him so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Middle Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him with seven stones so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the Little Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: “Pelt him!” so he pelted him with seven stones like the little stones for throwing with a sling. So, the Devil withdrew from him.

Hajj is approximately observed in six days. This takes a lot of effort in first place and it also need consistency in effort, intentions, and most importantly physical health. But all of this effort and energy that you put with an intention to seek forgiveness or in the love of your creator it will be counted and it will be rewarded. Your every sin whether intentional or unintentional will be forgiven. Hajj and Umrah requires spiritual consistency, if you make sure of your consistency and practice every ritual with all your heart and devotion, the creator is most merciful and he will surely accept your effort and will forgive your sins for sure.

There are two worshipping categories; 1. Financial (Zakat) 2.  Physical Effort & Struggle (Prayer, Fasting, Hajj or Umrah). Both of them has their own significance, the reward of every effort or action regardless of its context, if it was a performed with an intention to seek Allah’s will, it will be rewarded.

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