There is always a first time for everything, Umrah is one of the most blessed and energy consuming rituals of Islam, we have compiled this article which is helpful for those who are going for Umrah for the very first time. Umrah can be performed anytime with certain limits and restrictions applied. Unlike Hajj Pilgrimage Umrah has its unique significance. There are certain rites and rituals which are compulsory for everyone who performs Umrah.

A Complete Step by Step Guide on How to perform Umrah for the first time

Before Leaving Home:

Since you have planned your Umrah with us and now the departure day has arrived. You must make sure that you enter into the state of Ahram by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Trim your nails.
  • Step 2: Shave underarm and pubic hair
  • Step 3: Men should trim their mustache
  • Step 4: Take a Bath (Perform Gussal)

Step 5: Men can apply perfume to their body such as Deodorant sprays and underarms, boy sprays but not on their Ahram sheets.

Note: Do not make your intention for Ihram since you have not passed the meqat. Remember Ahram is a state you enter into once you absolute the intention. It is not just about the wearing two white sheets.


Enter Ihram state:

Ihram is mostly known as the 2 white sheets for men which they wear while performing Umrah. Ihram is basically a restricted state in which once you enter, you only exit after performing Umrah. You must enter Ihram state before entering the Makkah boundary also known as meqat. For men, before wearing Ihram sheets, cut nails, pubic hair, mustaches and wear, then take bath or make ablution and wear the Ihram sheets, for females the daily life clothes are acceptable. After all this make intention of performing Umrah. By doing this you enter the ihram state.


Reaching and Crossing the Meqat:

Once you have left and started your journey to the holy city of Makkah, whether you are traveling by road or by air you make sure that you are in Ihram state and clothing before crossing meqat. The airlines which operate Umrah flights announced in the cabin while crossing Meqat. This is the alarm for all Umrah passengers to make sure that they are in Ihram state.

Ihram clothing for men is two sheet sheets and sleepers or sandals and for woman normal clothing what they wear in daily routine accompanied by Hijab and footwear. It’s better to wear Abaya with Hijab for women with normal clothing under the Abaya.

When you reach meqat; this is the point where you make intention for Umrah by saying these words “Labbayk Allahumma Umrah” which means “Oh Allah I am present here today with intention of performing Umrah”. Once you make the intention now you have entered the restricted state of Ihram which means there are certain restrictions now have been applied and now you cannot perform these actions until you don’t exit the state of Ihram.  There are some restrictions that are applied to both men and women and there are also some other certain restrictions which are applied on men and women separately. The common restrictions are given below

  1. No trimming of the nail.
  2. No removing any hair from any part of the body.
  3. No usage of perfumes
  4. No hunting
  5. No involvement in marriage.
  6. No sexual foreplay or intercourse.

The other restrictions which are applied on men alone are as follows:

  1. No covering of the head.
  2. No wearing of any sewn clothes.

The other restrictions which are applied to women alone are:

  1. No wearing of gloves.
  2. No wearing of Niqab (face veil)


Circumambulate around the Kaabah

When you enter the holy haram, walk towards the corner where the black stone is placed and start your tawaf by circumambulating around the Kaabah. This is how you start the Umrah Before starting the Tawaf men should uncover their right shoulder and this is done for the first three circuits of the Tawaf. Proceed to the Ka’aba and proceed to the black stone. Start from the place where black stone (Hajar Al Aswad) is mounted, say these words “Bismillah ALLAH AKBAR” S while kissing the black stone, if it’s not possible then either touch it or simply point out at the black stone.  Start the Tawaf by walking around the Ka’aba in the anti-clockwise direction with Ka’aba on your left. If possible, men should likely to jog for the first three circuits. When you reach the Yemeni Corner of the Ka’aba touch it if possible and walk towards the black stone and say the above-mentioned words and begin the next circuit. Perform seven circuits in the same way. Complete seven circuits starting from the corner where the black stone is placed and complete the 7th circuit at the same place.


After Tawaf

When you complete the seven circuits now proceed to the Maqam Ibrahim. Pray 2 Raka’ats behind the Maqam Ibrahim. If it is congested then pray anywhere else in the Masjid al-Haram. Now proceed to the ZAMZAM water dispensers which are located at different places inside the haram. Drink some water and try pouring some over your head.


Start Sa’ee

Sa’ee is walking between the hills of Safa and Marwah, the Sa’ee starts from Safa and ends at Marwah by walking 7 times in between both the hills. Make supplication, and ask for whatever you wish for.


Shaving Heads

After completing the Sa’ee, either shave all of their head or trim from over the head. Women must gather the ends of their hair together and cut a length of their hair equals to the fingertips.

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