Regarding starting an Umrah’s spiritual journey, you should take all your time with visa processing and requirements into account. In 2024-2025 i.e. 1445/46 Hijri Year, the Saudi Tourism Ministry and Hajj and Umrah Ministry introduced three types of purposes for issuing visas for pilgrims to choose from. Now, we will move on to the primary items of the Umrah visa and the essential conditions for obtaining any Umrah visa.

Saudi Tour Visa

With the visualised new era of the Saudi Tourism Industry and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the three types of visas for the Umrah pilgrimage have been publicised

EVW – The Electronic Visa Waiver Program is the way

  • Validity: 180 days with Single Entry
  • Stay Up to 180 days with this one Visa.
  • It applies exclusively to people who hold British nationality.
  • Justifying the selected country is no limitation on visiting any city in KSA.

  • Visa Extension for the Tourist Visa of One Year's Validity

  • Maximum stay: 90 days to be completed within the 1 year span, Multiple Entries
  • Give all people the opportunity to make the pilgrimage (Umrah), move around, visit family and friends, and even travel.
  • Open for almost 48+ nationalities.

  • Umrah Visa

  • Booked through Travel agents
  • Settled for the duration of a 90-days, with Single Entry as well.
  • Extending the airports' operations to Jeddah(JED), Makkah(MAK), and Madinah(MED) would allow for expansion. (Restricted to JED, MAK, MED and in between routes connecting these cities.

  • What are the entry criteria and visa rules when applying for an Umrah Visa to Saudi Arabia?

    Knowing the Umrah visa application procedures is the base of a pious journey's success. Following are some requirements and rules:

    Online Application

    Starting with the online application put forth by the approved travel operator, all the applicants need to complete it.

    Non-Muslim Name

    If the applicant has a non-Muslim surname or any other relevant document from the mosque or the Islamic centre confirming their Muslim status is obligatory for the issuance of this certificate by the Hajj and Umrah committee.

    Passport Requirements

    Recently, there has been a demand for specific stipulations about how your photos are. These rules include a recent passport-size colour photograph with a white/grey background. The passenger should own an EC/ British passport that is unspoiled for at least six months

    Confirmed Accommodations

    A hotelier slip and airline ticket must be provided to the embassy for visa issuance.

    Accompanying Women and Children

    Only women under 45 and children under 17 should be enclosed with a male being, such as a husband, father, or a related male (Mahram). A valid proof of a relationship, such as a marriage or birth certificate, is essential.

    Residency Permit

    Foreigners are required to attach their residency permits to the application documents.

    Port of Entry

    For Hajj and Umrah visa holders, only Jeddah and Madinah airports are entry and exit gateways

    Travel Restrictions

    Travellers must obey the jurisdiction of general travel, airport, and airline protocols.

    Age Restrictions

    The regulations concerning Umrah visas don’t allow visa issues to people under 17 years old. However, an exception can be made for needy children who are coming with a guardian over 18.

    Apps for Making a Comfortable Umrah Journey

    The Mecca pilgrimage requires you to consider the NUSUK application, one of the top applications. Such an application operates on dual levels—it acts both as a permit holder and offers convenient slot booking for Riaz Ul Jannah, a holy area within the Prophet's mosque. The NUSUK app allows pilgrims to go through the pilgrimage process in an orderly and slick mode, making it more accessible to them and making the whole process a simple affair.

    IPhone users can download this app through the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store. It need not worry about a wide range of pilgrims because they can get its merit in features. Such an all-encompassing approach is to the diversity encountered among everyone setting out on their Umrah pilgrimage.

    Travel Insurance

    A sensible next move would be to get travel insurance, considering that travelling insurance is prudent and highly recommended. Travel insurance not only sheds off financial losses which may occur from unknown matters such as flight cancellations, interruptions, or health issues that happen as one travels featured in travel insurance.

    However, the only thing Kaabah Tours can do is to recover as many costs as possible related to non-refundable services, and travel insurance is a possible additional source for travellers. Knowledge of the terms and conditions associated with insurance coverage is as vital as bright. These facts give the visitors a sense of security, allowing them to thoroughly learn about the number of patients that can be covered, the operations and procedures available, and the actions that must be followed in emergencies.

    The general terms and conditions (GTC)

    Before venturing on your Umrah journey, it's essential to be aware of the terms and conditions:

    Legal Jurisdiction

    Lodgement of the contract between the clients and the company rests on English Law and jurisdiction for the travelling and accommodation booking process. The Saudi criminal law will handle the acts that contravene the Saudi law.

    Booking Deposit

    A down payment of 50% of the total price is necessary to book the mount.

    Prices are Subject to Availability

    The relevance of this sentence is the disparity in prices while business supplies their service. Flight and accommodations fees, among other travelling expenses, generally tend to rise or fall due to economic factors like peak season, booking timing and availability. Booking early is a good idea, as this will give you more options (and chances of securing the best rates). It’s also important to consider the peak travel seasons when the prices tend to be higher. This is relevant to budget travellers who do not want to struggle to find pocket-conscious and timely arrangements.

    Ensuring Travel Document Accuracy

    Preserving accurate travel documents is vital to ensure a hassle-free experience. Once confirmed, it is wise to scrutinise tickets. Here, you need to work on details such as spelling names correctly, making sure dates match your travel plans, or fixing anything else related to your journey if they do not match.

    One of the essential factors in completing this verification process will be ensuring that your passport is still valid for at least six months longer than the departure date set aside. For many Saudis who complete Umrah, tourists from many countries must adhere to this rule. If people do not fulfill this criterion, then he/she can anticipate the inconvenience of delays, visa problems, or any other predicaments. Here, the primary purpose is to pay a lot of attention. It is essential to avoid travel problems by doing so.

    Visa Application and Other Matters

    Tourist Visa Approval

    Teenage women and older women over eighteen interested in tourism can formally arrange a grant of a tourist visa without a Mahram.

    Residency Permit

    When people from other countries apply for a visa, they must submit a valid residence permit.

    Processing Time

    The time it takes for the Saudi embassy to process a visa may take 1-2 weeks. If the passport is lost, the organisers also don't guarantee the additional documents.

    Visa Guarantee

    Visa cancellation is not unavoidable. Splash Fitness will not be liable for duty and other costs if the order is not received or declined.

    Emergency Contacts

    I will be given Saudi Arabia and UK emergency 24-hour contact numbers when presented with written documentation

    Please make all the travel arrangements concerning Travel Insurance to the best of your knowledge.

    The only hotel reservation will be confirmed upon payment for the requested accommodation, which may have alternative hotel options and change prices. Tourists should participate by respecting local traditions and laws, but if they need help, they can ask their embassy or the travel insurance company.

    For more information, please call 0203 195 8700.