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Gold Ramadan 5 Star 10 Nights

Makkah: Infinity Hotel Makkah B/B
Madinah: Al Mukhtara International Hotel
10 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package
From: £ 720


Package type: 5-star
Transport: Private Transport
Makah Nights: 5
Madina Nights: 5
Room type: Quad

Package Itinerary

Hotel Name Nights City Status
Infinity Hotel Makkah B/B 5 Nights Makkah Offered
Al Mukhtara International Hotel 5 Nights Madinah Offered

Detailed Information

Infinity Hotel Makkah B/B:

Infinity Hotel Makkah A motivation for Pilgrims in the heart of the Holy City, The hotel offers the wide range of 5 star services within 15 minutes of walk from the premises of Holy Mosque. The hotel management and Ka’aba Tours assures you one of the ultimate 5 star hotel experience in the heart of the holy city of Makkah escorted by all the essential needs of your layover in Makkah.

Al Mukhtara International Hotel:

Al Mukhtara International Hotel is located in the north of the grand mosque with just 150 meters of distance from the mosque premises. The hotel offers a complete 4-star accommodation experience which will make your layover in Medina in the extremes of comforts with the blend of Arabic traditions in the heart of most famous deserts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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