There are certain conditions that need to be followed when you plan for Hajj or Umrah. There may be a lot of requirements for the visa, the weight of luggage, necessary documents and much more. All of them need to be carefully noticed and followed. This is very important as you are ready to go for the most important journey of your life, missing such a great opportunity for so small reason can be a big regret. In order to avoid it, you must keep yourself completely informed. Another important condition that a woman must follow us that of going on this sacred journey with Mehram. This is very important and must not be overlooked. In fact, if it is overlooked you will not be able to get the visa and perform Hajj or Umrah.

Category of Mehram

The category of Mehram must be very clear to the Muslim women. The relatives with whom marriage is forbidden and husband are in this category. Marriage is permanently forbidden in this case. In addition to this, one thing that needs to be noticed is that it is a very common concept and almost every Muslim knows that who are the people among the relatives that can be considered Mehram and it is permissible to do Hajj and Umrah with them. Keeping this in mind, one can easily decide what has to be done and who has to go alongside them.

Why is it important during Hajj and Umrah?

It is really very important to consider the fact that Allah has forbidden to travel alone or with a Mehram. Owing to this, not traveling with a Mehram simply means that you are not fulfilling the requirements and the Hajj or Umrah will not be accepted. In addition to it, Islam gives complete protection and security to the women and also to men. Due to this, there is great stress given in this order.

What does the law say?

As we all know that Hajj or Umrah can be performed in Makkah and for this we need to comply with the rules of Saudi Arabia. According to the law of that state, if a woman is 45 years old or less than that then she needs to travel with a Mehram. If she is above this limit, she does not need a Mehram but must go with a group and the documents must be provided to know about the relationship of the people. Without this, you will not be permitted to go on Hajj or Umrah.

Consultation is better

After knowing everything, there will still be a need to have a piece of good and professional advice. For this, a religious scholar must be consulted and this has to be done as there is no relaxation for that type of mistake. A religious scholar can guide you the best along with warning you against the small mistakes that can result in bigger harm. You will have to do this for your sacred journey.

Ending lines

It is important to keep all the necessary items along after that we can proceed with this heavenly journey with all happiness. For making your Umrah journey possible, choose Kaabah Tours and book your Umrah Easter Deals today.

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