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Affordable Ramadan 4 Star 10 Nights

Makkah: Nada Al Diyafah Hotel
Madinah: Elaf Meshal Al Salam Hotel
10 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package
From: £ 660


Package type: 4-star
Transport: Private Transport
Makah Nights: 5
Madina Nights: 5
Room type: Quad

Package Itinerary

Hotel Name Nights City Status
Nada Al Diyafah Hotel 5 Nights Makkah Offered
Elaf Meshal Al Salam Hotel 5 Nights Madinah Offered

Detailed Information

Nada Al Diyafah Hotel :

Nada Al Diyafah Hotel located in the Ajyad district of Makkah neighboring the Grand Mosque within 150 meters of the span that allows you to be the host of the utmost lavish hospitality. This 3-star hotel offers a vast range of services and amenities which were the reason of the most comforting 3-star experience that you could discover in Makkah.

Elaf Meshal Al Salam Hotel:

Elaf Meshal Al Salam Hotel with its position nearly 300 meters from the Prophet’s Mosque lets its guests reach the grand mosque by walk within 8 minutes of walk from their room. The hotel is offering a diverse range of 4-stars services in enriched Arabic Tradition which will surely inspire you to be their guests upon your stay at Medina.

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