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7 Nights 3 Star February Umrah Economy Package

Makkah: Al Mona Ajyad
Madinah: Dar Al Shohadaa Hotel
7 Nights 3 Star Umrah Package
£ 610 £ 565


Package type: 3-star
Transport: Private
Makah Nights: 4
Madina Nights: 3
Room type: Quad

Package Itinerary

Hotel Name Nights City Status
Al Mona Ajyad 4 Nights Makkah Offered
Dar Al Shohadaa Hotel 3 Nights Madinah Offered

Detailed Information

Al Mona Ajyad:

Al Mona Ajyad a 3-star hotel 1200 away from Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. The hotel consists of finest Air Conditioned Rooms with carpet flooring which makes them one of the lavish hotels in Makkah to make your trip pacifying and comfortable. With every facility available on a fingertip you can choose Ka’aba Tours for your blessing journey to Makkah accompanied by all of those essential services which will create a sensation of being at home.

Dar Al Shohadaa Hotel:

Dar Al Shohadaa Hotel situated at Sayed Al Shuhadaa Street and featuring the best quality services without compromising any comfort and luxury. The hotel offers a widespread collection of 3-star services in the heart of the mountains of Medina. The hotel features a 3 minute of drive or a 12-minute walk from the Prophet’s Mosque making the passage of commute easier for the visiting pilgrims.

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