Every girl wishes to marry a guy of her dreams and more importantly the honeymoon. We know that muslim couples don’t practice any dating before marriage so the chances are when you are really married you know very little about your spouse. You probably know only the things you asked before getting married, but there are so many other things that can be explored.

Why Muslim Couples should Go on Umrah for Honeymoon

There is a very old but excellent quote “You only get to know someone more deeply when you travel with them”. This could not have been truer for relationships, friendships and even family travel. It is the only way where you see or experience someone’s true personality especially for a newly married couple it is essential for them.

Going one Umrah while at the same time performing Umrah is a great opportunity to enjoy your martial life and seek blessings of Allah for your marriage life ahead. Umrah packages for couples are available with our experienced travel agents at our facility. We provide the best price for couples who go for Umrah. We urge newly married couples to take this chance and boost their emotional attachment, it will surely make their time spent a worth remembering memory.

For muslim couples who are newly married it can be a greatest opportunity to know about each other meanwhile performing Umrah at the same time in order to seek blessings from Allah. There are studies supporting that many couples argue more during their holiday due to these decisions.  Getting to know each other will help you avoid these pitfalls whether abroad or at home. And since Muslim couples on a honeymoon start from 0, it is a lot easier to find out what annoys you about your spouse and talking about the compromises you can make.

In the muslim culture, couples don’t date, they don’t have any relationships and the reality is before marriage you didn’t cover the whole ground of your personalities. After all, we are complicated creatures. So, your honeymoon is the perfect plan to start exploring each other, spending time together and learning.

The simple reason behind this is the fact that when doing activities, you are more out of your comfort zone, so you see how you work under pressure. Even the little decisions such as buying a meal in different language or a bus ticket bring a different light to your personality.

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