Holy Ramadan is a month that multiplies the reward of a single act to seventy times. If a Muslim fulfils one obligation (farz) then he or she will be rewarded seventy times more of the real deed. So, a person can imagine the return of performing one Nafl or Sunnah act performed in the month of holy Ramadan. Similarly, performing Umrah during Holy Ramadan not just brings mental and spiritual relief but also brings huge rewards or return in terms of blessings and acceptance by ALLAH Almighty.

Although performing Umrah in the month of Holy Ramadan is not an obligation, but since it accompanies innumerable blessings, no one would want to miss this religious opportunity. Apart from these uncountable blessings, a person’s stress remains on veneration and the strength of remembering and asking forgiveness is hearty revealed throughout the sacred journey. It gives an astonishing sight to see millions and millions of Muslims from many different regions of the globe, the beloved guests of ALLAH Almighty sitting together breaking their roza (fasts). The primary thing that would come to a mind is kindness and generosity. How wonderful that experience would be to break one’s roza (fast) with people from different nations of the world, whom you have not even met before and doing iftaar together. It represents the core spirit of Muslim brotherhood and also highlights the humbleness and harmony amongst Muslim Ummah.

Furthermore, the sweet and amazing taste of performing Umrah in the Holy month of Ramadan enhances the sprit of Muslims towards worshipping ALLAH Almighty and daily prayers. Mainly during Taraweeh, when the beautiful Masjid-al-Haram would be as sparkling and bright as during day time with masses equal to those present during the time of Hajj. Similarly, the experience becomes more spiritual once a person gets to know that everyone there is striving for the same sacred journey ‘to seek blessings and forgiveness of ALLAH Almighty’. With each day passing, the sacred journey becomes more and more spiritual and religious and worth-remembering. For many people it is the Holy Ramadan of a lifetime

Along with these religious and spiritual rewards, there are several problems which are part and parcel of nearly every sacred journey. People are frequently confronted with many travelling issues like visa processing, passport, flights bookings, transportation, hotel accommodations and so many others that divert a person’s mind from worship. Similarly, many people who have lack of finances to embark on this sacred journey and hence they interval behind in fulfilling and satisfying their dream of visiting the Holy Kaaba and Madina. For this purpose, Kaabah Tour cares for you and we provide cheap and budget friendly Ramadan umrah packages 2017 to assure our Muslim sisters and brothers to perform their prestigious Holy journey.

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