The Umrah is blessed journey to Holy city Makkah which is performed by Muslims and this sacred voyage can be undertaken any time or any month throughout the whole year. Umrah is also known as minor pilgrimage, this is a sacred journey which is not an obligation to perform but religion Islam highly recommends performing minor pilgrimage at least in a whole life. For performing minor pilgrimage Muslim should have to be physically, financially and mentally able.

In order to perform minor pilgrimage there are some important health requirements which are necessarily to be considered by pilgrims. For performing minor pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi government published proper details about health requirements which are approved by the Ministry of Health and annually this is published by Saudi Arabia. Minor pilgrimage is a sacred journey to Makkah which requires lots of physical effort and it requires good health conditions.

Health Requirements issued by Govt of Saudi

Health requirements which are published by the Health ministry of Saudi Arabia is that people who are 65 + years and those people who are trapped in any kind of chronic diseases like heart issues, blood pressure, respiratory disease, kidney disease, sugar and diabetes, immune deficiency, sinus, terminal illnesses should wait for the next year to perform their religious responsibility of performing minor pilgrimage and take proper medication for quick relief. Children below the age of 12 years must also not perform both pilgrimage because in order to perform pilgrimage it is very important to understand its actual essence and meaning and a little kid can not be able to understand that and just perform the acts and rites of minor pilgrimage physically not with soul.

It is highly advisable for all those Muslim who are going for minor pilgrimage to pilgrims that must follow the health guidelines to make themselves abstain and restrain from the spread of any kind of infections or disease. Make sure that you must wash your hands with antibacterial and disinfectant as many times as you can especially immediately after shaking your hands with anyone or after coughing, sneezing, also wash hands before and after having meal. When you are travelling put some tissues with you in your handbag and uses them during sneeze or coughs and after using them disposes tissues completely.

When you are in Makkah keep this in your mind that you are not alone there huge amount of Muslims are there with you so do extra care because infections or bacteria can easily be transferred from one boy to another. Do not use your hands directly in contact with the nose, skin, eyes and mouth. It is good act to meet all Muslims there but do not link or meet directly to the person who is in infection and also avoid using anyone’s gadgets.

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