Umrah is a pilgrimage to Makkah, Umrah is considered minor or lesser pilgrimage and this can be performed throughout the whole year. There is not any fixed time to perform Umrah, although this is not obligatory but highly recommended In Islam, pilgrim earns great blessing by performing Umrah. The best time to perform Umrah is the month of Holy Ramadan, as umrah in this month is equals to performing Hajj. 

Rites and Rituals of Umrah:

  1. Ihram: In order to perform Umrah the first step is to get into the sacred state of Ihram and declare the niyyah of performing Umrah
  2. Tawaaf: Then a pilgrim perform the circumambulation or Tawaaf of Holy Kaaba seven times
  3. Saaee: Saaee is the next ritual that pilgrims perform; saaee is running seven times between the hills of safa and marwah.
  4. Halq and Taqseer: After performing above mentioned rituals, men pilgrims shave their head hairs and female pilgrims trim their hair about an inch. After this pilgrim can come out the state of Ihram 

Actions that are Forbidden for Both Men and Women While in the State of Ihram

  • Removing or cleaning hair from any part of the body
  • Applying any kind of fragrance or perfume even avoid used scented soap, shampoo, creams etc
  • Cutting or trimming nails
  • Physical contact with the spouse
  • Wearing hand gloves
  • Hunting animals or killing insects, even pilgrim is not allowed to kill its body lice

Actions that are forbidden for Men Only

  • Wearing sewn garments
  • Covering the head by using scarf etc

Actions that are forbidden For Women Only

  • Covering face or Wearing any kind of veil (Niqab) and covering hands

Visiting Masjid-e- Nabwi

  • Ablution or wuzu is necessary prior to performing namaz and doing acts of worship and visits sacred sites or masjid.
  • After performing Umrah pilgrim should go to Masjid-e-Nabwi and

When you enter masjid-e-Nabwi, try to enter with your right foot.

 The Topic of Mehram

  • Females can not perform Umrah without her mehram. The law of Saudi requires that every single lady, travelling to Saudi Arabia, for performing Umrah or Hajj, must be accompanied by a Mehram (i.e. father, brother, husband, or other menhram men).
  • The female traveller should have to submit authentic documents as a prove of her relation with mehram:
  • If she is travelling with her husband, then she need to a submit a copy of their marriage certificate with all other documents.
  • If a female is travelling with her brother, son, father or uncle then she should submit a copy of the birth certificates of her and her mehram.

If a female who is intending to for Umrah is 45 years old or above, she needs to submit NOC.

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