Hajj has to be performed by every Muslim who has reached a certain age in which the certain acts ‘Ibadah’ become obligatory. Hajj is one of the significant acts of worship and it resembles Umrah but a bit different in rituals along with the major difference of being obligatory while Umrah is not. Most of the people perform it once in their lifetime. There are also those who have the capacity with regard to financial sources and physical ability who perform it more than once. This guide is for those who perform it for the first time and here are the rituals that must be performed in the mentioned sequence.

Entering the state of Ihram and making the intention

‘Ihram’ is a specific type of clothing which consists of two pieces and it is obligatory to be worn by men only. Women must be in their casual neat and clean clothes that are wearing. Once you come to this state, you have to make a whole-hearted intention. From this point on, you should start reciting ‘Talbiyah’.

Passing through ‘Meeqat’

‘Meeqat’ refers to the places at which the ritual of ‘Ihram’ is performed. There is a total of five such points which are specified for this purpose. Those who live in Makkah can wear it at their homes because of being near this place. You pass through these places in the state of ‘Ihram’.

Perform circumambulation after entering the holy mosque

The first ‘Tawaaf’ or circumambulation is performed when you are in the state of ‘Ihram’. While entering the holy mosque this must be kept in mind that you put your right foot first. It starts by kissing ‘the black stone’ called ‘Hajr e Aswad’. This will be the start of the first circuit and if you are unable to kiss it then raise your palms towards it and kiss the palms while reciting a specific Dua. This must be made sure that the circuits are being completed by keeping your direction counter-clockwise. These way total seven circuits must be completed and the ritual of circumambulation of arrival will be completed.

Offer two-Rakat prayer

A place named ‘Maqam e Ibrahim’ is where you have to offer prayer consisting of two ‘Rak’ at’. Scholars recommend the recitation of certain ‘Surahs’ and this needs to be confirmed by an authentic source or a scholar that you believe is trustworthy.


Perform Sa’yee between two hills

It is performed between two hills named as ‘Safa’ and ‘Marwa’. This ritual is performed by completing seven rounds between these two hills and you have to walk back and forth. One round starts from ‘Safa’ and ends at ‘Marwa’. Specific Dua is recited during this ritual. Once you complete seven rounds, this ritual is done.


Talbiyah is the main Dua that should be recited in a loud voice by men and women should no call it in a loud voice and keep it low.

Go to ‘Mina’

Now the pilgrims must go to Mina and offer ‘Zohar’ prayer. The night should be spent there and all the obligatory prayers should be offered.

Perform ritual at ‘Arafat’

After spending the night at Mina, pilgrims have to move to Arafat after the sun rises and Talbiyah must be recited throughout the way to Arafat. At this place, Imam preaches the sermon and leads the pilgrims for the prayers of ‘Zohar’ and ‘Asar’. Here the pilgrims stand and recite a specific Dua and after the stay till the sunset, pilgrims leave Arafat.

Move to ‘Muzdalifah’

Pilgrims should leave Arafaat calmly and now they have to reach Muzdalifah. Here two prayers should be offered that are ‘Maghrib’ and ‘Isha’ and the night should be spent here and then they should offer Fajr prayer. In Muzdalifah, there is a mountain which pilgrims climb and recite Duas facing ‘Qibla’. Before sunrises, they have to leave for Mina calmly and reciting Talbiyah constantly.

Perform the ritual of stoning the devil

At Mina, pebbles are collected for performing the ritual of stoning the devil and this ritual is called ‘Rami al-Jamarat’ and these are three pillars. One is larger, second is medium size while the third is a smaller one and the procedure of pelting stones needs to be known. You have to stand in a position in which Mina is on the right side of yours while Makkah is at the left and you must be in the state of Wudhu and recite ‘Takbir.


Perform the ritual of sacrifice

After performing the ritual of stoning the devil, the ritual of sacrifice is performed. In this ritual, an animal is sacrificed which can be a camel, cow, sheep or goat. The meaning of ‘Halal’ and ‘suitable for sacrifice’ should be very clear to you. Pilgrims mostly pay to get their animals sacrificed. Now the next part at this point is the cutting or shaving of head hairs. Men have to get their heads shaved while women’s hairs are only trimmed by the end. This specific way of cutting the hairs is given the name ‘Halaq’ for men while for women it is ‘Qasar’.

Perform circumambulation

The next step is to perform the ritual of circumambulation again and Pilgrims go to ‘Kaaba’ and perform ‘Tawaaf’ in the same way as before. It should be completed in seven circuits. Now the pilgrims have to perform Sa’yee between the hills of Safa and Marwa and these rituals are repeated and performed in the same way as before.

Stay at ‘Mina’

Now it is again the time to return to Mina. At this point, pilgrims have to stay and the period of stay should be for three days. In all these days they have to stone Jamarat and this must be done with seven stones.

Perform last ‘Tawaaf’

Last Tawaaf is farewell Tawaaf and the procedure will be the same. Kissing of black stone and completing seven circuits in a counter-clockwise direction will be done the same way. At this point, the pilgrimage is completed. You have to thank Allah for providing you with such a great opportunity. Now the pilgrims leave ‘Kaaba’. This should be made sure that the left foot is put while leaving this place.

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