Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equal to hajj, said by the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ.  There is a confusion among the pilgrims who prefer to get a car on daily rent basis in Saudi Arabia. We have covered this topic.

Can I rent a car while on Umrah

Transport options in Saudi Arabia especially in Makkah and Madinah are easily available. There are several options that one can chose for his convenience. Rent a car services are always available at the airports and you can surely rent some of the latest models of those cars.

The fuel prices are extremely cheap in Saudi Arabia and you might be considering this option that you can enjoy normal family car for you and your family. You may choose this options because of some rumors that local driver in Saudi Arabia drive like crazy. You might not be expecting un happy event to happen.

Coming back to the topic, the shortest answer for the question is No. People who are on Umrah or Hajj visas cannot rent out any vehicle in Saudi Arabia. This makes sense, Saudia Arabia every year almost has approximately 5-8 million pilgrims visitors every year for Umrah and Hajj from around the around, the roads and other traffic services are not sufficient, the roads are congested, and there is no way you can accommodate so many people in additional service. Also, it comes down to a safety issue and managing crowds and maintaining a system through which they can rent cars and that become a part of the records.

It is almost impossible to hand over car to every one of them, no matter how good of a driver you believe you are. So, although it would be much easier to rent a car and drive yourself I totally agree with this not being an option for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. But yes, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia on business visa or tourist visa, yes you can acquire rent a car services in Saudi Arabia based on if you have an international acceptance of Drivers License.

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