Hajj and Umrah

It is the heartiest desire of every Muslim from any corner of world to perform Umrah or Hajj once in his or her lifetime. It is the Holy dream and wish of all Muslims either living near to Makkah or living far away. Performing Umrah has an incredible virtue. Like pilgrimage hajj, performing Umrah is amongst the best acts of worship that a person can perform for pleasing ALLAH Almighty.

Performing Umrah additionally shields Muslims from neediness as they are there, particularly for performing Umrah, Muslims investing their money or lifetime earned savings. It is recommended to perform Umrah more than once in your life span, as it is said, Umrah washes away sins from the last time person performed Umrah. The performance of Umrah is well known as the purge a person’s spirit from past committed sins conferred by him or her.

Hajj and Umrah are two pilgrimages that are performed in the Holy city Makkah, Saudi Arabia; perform by the Muslim from many different corners of the world, Umrah can be performed throughout the whole year except the days of hajj but Hajj can not be performed throughout the year day of Hajj are prescribed in Islam and it is performed in the month of Zil-Hajj only.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of religion Islam, which is obligatory to perform by every financially and physically able Muslim, at least once in his or her lifetime, while Umrah is considered as a lesser or minor pilgrimage and it is not obligatory to perform and can be taken up anytime. There are certain rituals and rites of performing the Umrah and mainstay of the Umrah, without knowing these; a person can not accurately and properly be able to perform the Umrah according to Islamic way.

It is not easy to move for this Holy voyage without any kind of support on the grounds that the pilgrims should have to learn appropriate knowledge and information, in regards to the exact and proper execution of Umrah. With the Umrah services provided by a trusted travel agency you would not need to face any kind of difficulty throughout your sacred journey. There are numerous Umrah and Hajj travel planners who are offering cheap Umrah packages 2017.

Ihram, Tawaaf (circumambulation), trimming or shaving of the head. Every stage is trailed by the other. The Haram Shareef is esteemed to be the House of ALLAH Almighty. Since making the aim and niyyat for performing Umrah to your arrival back to your hometown, each and every step is simply loaded with the favours of ALLAH Almighty. Muslims from all around the World have a strong wish and hearty desire to visit Makkah and perform the customs, rites and rituals which actually demonstrate the Umrah.

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